How much further down does the rabbit hole go?

According to Lindsay Williams, an ex-executive of a major oil company, an oil field of about 250 billion barrels was discovered off the northern coast of Alaska, back in the 1970s! Why was this major discovery not announced? Put simply, petrodollars. After Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, oil sales denominated in dollars (a.k.a. petrodollars), became the primary asset backing the dollar since gold was now out of the picture. The higher the price of oil, the more demand for dollars since nations needed dollars to purchase oil. This meant one thing. The corporatocracy needed control of oil producing nations in order to get them to sell their oil in dollars. This would sustain the value of the dollar allowing the banks to continue to print money out of thin air, thereby increasing the money supply and decreasing the value of the dollar at the layman's expense. Basically, lets say for example that Iran, with its new oil bourse denominated in euros, decides to flood the market with cheap oil. What happens as a result? Oil producing nations that sell oil in dollars will have to lower their price of oil in order to compete, which in turn lowers the demand for dollars, which in turn lowers the value of the dollar, which in turn lowers the corporatocracys power.

As stated above, the corporatocracy needs control of oil producing nations in order to get them to sell their oil in dollars. How do they do that? Simple. Get them enslaved in debt, then rob them. Here's how it works. First, economic hit men (EHMs) seek out the leaders of a resource rich nation, usually from the third world. The EHMs offer the leaders of these nations loans from the International Monetary Fund that they, the EHMs, know cannot be paid back. As collateral, the third world nations are required to put up their oil fields, forests, water resources, or any other assets. Once they default on their loan, which is nothing more than money created out of nothing, they have to forfeit their assets. As a result forests are rampaged, indigenous cultures are destroyed, pristine lands are polluted with oil spills, and endangered wildlife all but evaporates. If the EHMs fail, the corporatocracy sends in the CIA. If the CIA fails, the corporatocracy sends in the military.

Once the resources of a country have been depleted a "loan forgiveness" offer is made with strings attached stating that the country must meet certain economic expectations which the corporatocracy knows cannot be met. Once the country fails to meet it's economic goals the corporatocracy moves in and privatizes everything, making water, electricity, and all essential services skyrocket in price.

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