The solution.

Although there have been money systems in past centuries that have worked flawlessly, producing no inflation whatsoever, there has never been a situation like that of which we are in today. How do we go from a debt based currency, to an honest money system, without causing insane inflation or deflation? The answer is easier said than done, but nonetheless, very simple in principle.

This bill is from the last series of silver backed bills, a.k.a. greenbacks, originally signed into law by Lincoln. The Riegle Act of 1994 finally had them taken out of circulation.

The first step is to abolish the Federal Reserve and give the power to issue credit back to the people! It is stated in the constitution that it is the governments highest priority to control the issuance of money. The revolution was started because of Americas insistence to control our own money, and the fight to get control and keep control of this right is what has kept the fighting alive all these years. Until it stops, America will not be 100% free!

Step two is pay off the debt with new money. We can call the new money U.S. Notes. Pay off the current Federal Reserve Notes with this new non-interest currency. Pay off all debts, bonds, and loans.

The most important step is to raise the reserve requirements of the local banks in proportion with the debt being paid off. This will prevent massive disruptions in inflation or deflation. Once all the debt is paid off, that new money is going to be deposited into a bank. Unless the local banks reserve requirements are raised in proportion with the debt being paid off, the banks will be allowed to continue to reloan their deposits at the 1 to 9 ratio, causing massive inflation. Once all the debt is paid off the reserve requirements for all banks will be at 100% meaning they will have to actually do their job and keep your money safe in your bank account and they will not be allowed to reloan it.

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