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First the world had the barter system, followed by the gold standard, followed by a fractional reserve gold standard, followed by an honest non-fractional reserve fiat currency, followed by a dishonest fractional reserve fiat currency, followed by a world wide fractional reserve fiat monetary system standard whereby the value of each countrys currency is determined by it's demand for oil denominated sales. The central banks are running out of gold, most of the world wants to cash out its dollar reserves which would result in hyper inflation thanks to the fractional reserve system of counterfeiting, and the euro is the new in demand currency for oil payments. What happens next is anyone's guess. If a war with Iran breaks out, Americas allies may drop their dollar peg, thereby crashing the American economy. If the dollar crashes, and Americans resort to the euro as it's currency, what happens when oil producing nations correlate the U.S. with the euro, and thus stop trading their oil in euros and instead their own currency? Will the European Union step in to prevent the euro from losing its world reserve currency status? Will the cycle of war to protect the order repeat itself?


As you can see there is plenty of reason to show that the oil and banking monopolies are responsible for the death of mass production of water fuel cells, the "100" different versions of the electric car that have come out over the years, and the suppression of inventions to make more fuel efficient gasoline powered cars.

Once the oil-money (petrodollar / petroeuro) link has been broken will nations no longer be able to tax each other into slavery.

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