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Could you believe that once upon a time in America, there was not one unemployed, not one homeless person, not one welfare program, and not one cent to be paid in income tax? Colonial Scrip was the money that set America free. It was a fiat based non-fractional reserve money system, meaning there was no gold or silver backing it up, and counterfeiting through fractional reserve banking was not allowed. This allowed the 13 colonies to control the purchasing power of the debt-free money. This system worked for over 50 years with little or no inflation, and was so successful that the British bankers moved in to kill it. Before the start of the revolution America was free from the tyrannical grip of England's monstrous bankers.

Americas revolution was instigated in 1764 as a result of England's bankers bribing our government to tax the colonies with gold being required as payment, thereby converting our working debt-free paper fiat money system into a gold-backed money system. Since America owned no gold, the 13 colonies went into an eleven year depression, and in 1775, the revolution finally started. In 1777, the very first year after America "gained independence," a central bank was created in America owned and controlled by the bankers of England. America was again sold to England's bankers through the creation of Americas first central bank. To this day the fire burns a little brighter every day.

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